Self-Care is a Must for New Parents: Here’s How to Fit It In

Guest Blog Contribution by, Ashley Taylor (

As a new parent, your days are occupied with everything you do to care for someone else. So, it makes sense that you would forget to care for yourself along the way. However, self-care is not just an option for new parents. It is a necessity for keeping yourself healthy and your mood balanced, but how can you fit self-care into a schedule that is already full of diaper changes and feedings? Its much easier if you keep these helpful tips in mind.


Keep Your Home Calm and Clutter Free

You’re likely to spend a lot of time at home after your baby is born. So, you need to make sure your home is as stress-free as possible. If you have some time, try to get rid of any clutter and get ach room in your home organized. Since sleep is important for stress management too, you need to make sure your bedroom is an ideal spot for you to rest and relax. As you prepare your bedroom, keep in mind that your infant will need to sleep in your room at least the first four months. However, you should come up with a plan to help your baby settle into a seperate room after those first few months. Transitioning babies to their own rooms after four months may help them sleep longer, which will help you get better sleep too. You will want to find a good spot for the bassinet or crib that will still keep the room comfortable. Also, Make sure the room and your babys cribare both accessible for you and your partner.


Ask for Help from Your Family and Friends

Sleep is the most basic self-care you can get as a new parent, but you still need other self-care as well. You can easily squeeze self-care into even a busy schedule. But you may need to ask for help to do so. If a friend offers help or asked what they can do, suggest spending some time with your new baby so you can take a walk, take a bath, or simply grab a quick nap. Just be sure that the person you are asking is comfortable caring for your little one, and don’t be afraid to provide them with some basic infant first aid tips. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency will give your friends and loved ones some piece of mind, and you will stress less too. Another way that friends and family members can take the pressure off of new parents is by providing meals. There are several online meal sharing sites that make it easy for people to coordinate meals and drop-offs during those first few weeks that your infant is home.


Reach Out to Professionals for Help When Needed

Getting friends and loved ones to help with your baby is a good way to sneak in some self-care. However, if you or your partner is living with a disability, you need to be extra careful to avoid any added stress during this time. If your disabiltiy is accompanied by chronic pain, being stressed or anxious will only make that pain worse. You need to find better ways to cope with the stresses of being a new parent, and that could mean hiring people to help out. While you may not be able to afford a full - time nanny, hiring a night nanny may give you extra relief you need. These professionals can come in a help through the evening hours, which is when new parents oftern need the most help. Your night nanny can show you how to feed and care for your child but can also tend to your baby while you get some needed sleep. If you do hire a nanny be sure to research pay requirements before hiring. You should try to stick with average local rates and stay within tax rules to avoid future costs or pentalties. Caring for an infant is so much hard work but that doesn’t mean you should sacrafice your self-care. You and your partner need to take time to care for yourselves. Create that extra time in your busy day, its the only way to thrive as new parents.