First Birthday Party Ideas


As a new parent, you want to give your children the best of the best, whether that be the best childcare or school! This also may include making the best memories for your little ones to look back on. One of the best memories a child has grown up is the memories of their childhood birthday parties. Birthdays are a time to come together as friends and family and celebrate life and everyone and everything that comes with it! This week's blog is all about 1st birthday parties and how you can make it the most memorable for your little ones.


You probably thought you'd never hear the saying "location is everything" after planning your wedding. We hate to break it to you, but your wedding venue is not the only time location matters. In this case, we don't mean the more extravagant, the better but, the safer, the better. When it comes to first birthdays having a secure location is everything. One-year-olds are either crawling at highway speeds or running their first half marathon, so having a celebration in a controlled and safe area is a good idea.

We recommend either a fenced backyard which has obviously been looked over to assure there are no potential hazards. Or a child plays places such as bounce house business, trampolines, or adventure park.


Choosing a theme for a 1st birthday party can be somewhat of a curveball. A few reasons are you cannot ask your little one what theme they would like; Hawaiian, western, maybe under the sea? Another reason is you may be avoiding gendered themes such as princess for the girls and master trucks for the boys. Therefore, we put together a list of fun themes for all ages but particularly for 1st birthdays.

Animal (one or multiple)


Alice in ONEderland

Garden (for those green thumbs)

ONE Upon a Time


Book theme

Wild Things


Keeping a one year old busy for a couple hours is no easy feat; add 10 or so more one-year-olds to the mix, and you have a mission impossible! Therefore having plenty of activities planned for the little ones during the celebration will guarantee fun as well as a guaranteed nap after the festivities.


Obstacle Course (tunnels)

Finger Paints

Ball or Ring Toss

Photo Booth

Ride-On Toys



Each parent wants to go all out for their kids birthday parties, especially their first birthday. We typically have this fantastic idea in our heads, but the execution can pose a couple challenges; one being party supplies are not the cheapest. With that being said, we put together a short list of affordable places you can purchase party supplies.

Wholesale Party Supplies


Oriental Trading

Dollar Tree

99 Cent Store

Party City

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